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New for 2013 - Jerry Bickel Race Cars and ETC have teamed up to bring you the ONLY Pro Race Car Construction Books on the Planet. Click HERE for details! ble t

Jerry Bickel Race Cars and ETC have teamed up to produce the only detailed guide to building a Professional drag car chassis in existence. If you want to build a tube chassis from scratch, this is the guide for you. The 2-book set documents a 2013 Camaro build step by step, with nealy 1200 photos and diagrams between them. It's the most comprehensive set of books for pro drag car chassis building ever created. Volume 1 includes a lot of tips that you will find useful if you are custom fitting a tube chassis to a carbon fiber or fiberglass body. It shows how to position the tubes in relation to the body to achieve the optimum fit.

Volume 1 is 144 pages and covers tube chassis fabrication from start to finish. It starts off with a bare chassis table. Tubes are added one by one until the entire chassis is assembled, ready to mount the body and build the interior. Every single tube is covered in sequence as it was installed with numerous photos and diagrams.

Volume 2 is 256 pages. It starts with the tube chassis that was built in Volume 1. The body is fitted to the chassis, as are doors, windows, the front end, tubs, the tunnel, trunk, wing, and splitter. The brake system and fire system are plumbed. Finally, the hood scoop is fitted. At the end of Volume 2, the car is ready to send to the body shop for paint. Every single detail is covered as it happened in Jerry's shop.

A lot of people make fundamental mistakes at the beginning of their build, causing the entire project to fail. Others start their chassis building project without a full appreciation of what's in store for them as they continue the build. These books will prevent fundamental mistakes, and give a detailed understanding of exactly what is involved in completing a drag car chassis. The tips and tricks shown in these books were learned by the fabricators over years and years of building successful drag cars. You can jump start your knowledge level to that of an experienced fabricator practically overnight. Then you can set about applying that knowledge to developing the skills you need to become an expert fabricator. Or, you might come to the conclusion that building a race car is not for you. Either way, having these books in hand is going to save you time and money if you're even thinking about building a drag car chassis.

If you are interested in tube chassis construction, building a race car or mounting a carbon fiber body, these are the books for you. They cover the tube chassis completely, including every tube, bracket and fitting. They bend the tubes, fit them and weld them in place. Even if your interest is in chassis design, the first book shows how to custom build the chassis to fit a body. The procedure used in the book to fit the chassis to the body is the same procedure you would use to fit a chassis to any body, regardless of style or manufacturer. They show how to locate the various bars on the chassis so it wil fit the body like a glove. The body used in the book is a 5 Star body, but the procedures covered apply to any body made by any manufacturer.

For a drag car tube chassis project, these books provide a sound basis for understanding the build process in every detail. If you've ever looked at a drag car chassis, there are tubes going every which way. It's very complicated in the big picture, but when you see the build taking place tube by tube, it makes a lot more sense. The clear pictures in the books make it very understandable. We made a 3D model of a chassis and used it to create renderings for the first book, highlighting the tubes under discussion in each particular section. These are the most understandable and detailed books every created for building a state of the art 2013 Camaro drag car chassis, mounting the body, building the interior, doors and windows.



Custom Bike & Chopper Build Class
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Some of the bikes we bring to class

If you're thinking about building your own custom chopper or bobber, you don't want to miss this class. We take you through the process from planning your build through final assembly. Building a custom bike involves a lot of choices and decisions along the way. Get the ammunition you need to save money and ensure success by learning from an experienced builder who learned how to do it before all the TV shows and when you had to make things work because you had no choice. The many parts now available make the task of building a custom harder in some ways, because not all parts work together. You can save both time and money by knowing what parts work with what and why.


Harley-Davidson® Performance Class*
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Tear our engines down under expert supervision

Our Harley engine class is strictly about the engine. It is taught by engine guys with a ton of experience in building performance engines. We are confident that some light bulbs will go off for you when you attend this class. There is a lot of misinformation out there about Harley engines, and in this class we attempt to dispel it and clear away the fog. We show you how Harley engines work and why you need to pay special attention to engine preparation due to the unusual configuration of the motor. We bring in a bunch of engines and you disassemble them as you learn about the engine technology and how to overcome some of the challenges presented inherently in the design. From the cam swap and bearing change on the Evo to a cam and cam plate change on the Twin Cam engine, we have you covered.

ETC Racing Engine Program

ETC has worked with professional racing engine builders to bring you this exciting, hands-on Racing Engine Program.  Find out the real secrets of building maximum horsepower and getting the most bang for your buck. In this class, you will disassemble a racing engine , then learn how to choose the right block, heads, crank, rods, pistons, camshafts & heads.  You will learn the right way to balance and blueprint an engine, and all of the machining processes involved in producing a reliable engine that puts out the most horsepower possible per cubic inch. You can optionally purchase a copy of our Engine Calculator software, which applies the number crunching power of your PC - along with the knowledge gained from the class - to help you assemble and maintain a reliable V8 racing engine.

Learn to build power in a GM racing engine 
by attending our Racing Engine Program.

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The Ford version of the class is held on-site at various plant locations across the country.

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Some union workers can have their tuition costs covered by their education benefits. Check with the educational coordinator at your plant to see if you qualify!

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