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Ron Covell's Metalworking Videos on DVD

Making Motorcycle
Gas Tanks

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Building a Chopper

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English Wheel

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From Ron Covell, master metalworker come these amazing videos. Ron shows you in great detail how to do it yourself. He is not only a tremendous craftsman, but a gifted instructor as well. Check out these videos, and order today so you can get started making your dream come true.


Making Motorcycle Gas Tanks - 166 Minutes
Parts 1 & 2 on 1 DVD

Item No. DVD1000-12

In this long-awaited video, Ron Covell shows the ‘intimate details’ of making two very different gas tanks. The first is a flat-bottomed chopper style tank made from steel, and the second is a comma-shaped tank made from aluminum. Details of rubber mounting are clearly shown, along with demonstrations of forming with hand tools and with an English wheel.Ron takes you through the process of making both a flat-bottom steel tank and a comma shaped aluminum tank. Take a look at some of the details from the video:

Here's the scene list from Part 1 - Steel Tank Fabrication:

Here are a few of screen shots from Part 1 of the video:

Making the buck or pattern for the tank

Forming the top using the English wheel

Tig Welding the tank

Here's the scene list from Part 2 - Aluminum Tank Fabrication:

Here are a few screen shots from Part 2 of the video:

Mallet and bag shaping

Smoothing with English wheel

Gas welding tank


Building a Chopper Chassis - 70 Minutes

Item No. DVD1000-20


Ron  goes through the entire process, starting with an overview of frame design, explaining the concepts of rake, trail, and stretch. He covers the use of chassis jigs, then goes on to show how to bend and fit tubing to create a chopper frame to match any design. Ron's clear and detailed explanations will help any builder get on the road quickly, with a minimum amount of wasted effort. He also shows the use of both entry-level and high-end tools for layout, cutting, and bending. With the excellent instruction found here, building a frame may be an easier project than you imagine!

Here's the scene list from Building a Chopper Chassis:

Here are a few screen shots from the video:

Chopper frame plans

Bending the tubing

Fitting and notching the tubing

Final thoughts on frame building



English Wheel Techniques - 86 Minutes

Item No. DVD1000-19


Ron brings his signature easy-to-follow style to using the English wheel, a machine notoriously difficult for beginners to ‘figure out’. Starting with the machine’s history and a clear explanation of the principles that enable the machine to move metal, Ron shows the basic ’tracking’ patterns that are used to shape panels of various sizes and configurations.

In addition to the common techniques of wheeling, Ron also shows some lesser-known processes, such as using a rubber top wheel, and doing embossing with the machine. Whether you’re brand-new to the English Wheel or an experienced user, you’ll find valuable information in this video.

Here's the scene list from English Wheel Techniques:

Here are a few screen shots from the video:

Selecting the anvil wheel

Tracking patterns

Forming a panel

Trick techniques