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Now Available!! Bend Calculator Pro™

This user-friendly Windows™ program makes it a snap to lay out bends, and achieve the right results the first time, with any brand of bender.  It runs on any PC equipped with Windows™ 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME or XP.  Check out the new Multiplane Bend feature - it's especially handy for drag car chassis fabricators!

Retail Price $149

Racer's Net Price $129
(Plus S+H)

Start saving time and materials - avoid costly bending mistakes!

If you've ever had to fabricate a tubular chassis or roll cage, you can appreciate how difficult it can be to achieve the desired geometry.  Laying out a series of bends can be a mind-twisting experience.

Here's what some customers had to say about the program:

"We have been using the program for 2 months now and it has saved us time in fabricating costs and scrap material has been cut to a minimum.  We have calculated the time to be about 1/3 less in production.  To answer the question about the bend calculator being a good purchase for us, I can say a big YES to that! Thanks for a great product!"
  Steve Brown - Steve Brown Race Cars - Amston, Connecticut

"The program is working great, and it has saved a lot of time and money for me. It was a good investment!  Thanks."
  Mike Beltz - Lansing, Illinois

"I find this program very helpful and it definitely cuts down on waste."
  Jim Pulliam, Dragstar Chassis - Old Monroe, Missouri

With ETC's Bend Calculator Pro™, all you have to do is enter your bend radius, and desired tube dimensions.  The program does all of the hard calculations for you, and tells you where to mark the straight tube for all of the bends, before you even get close to a bender!

Here are sample screens from the program.  Click on the thumbnail to see the larger version.

Simple Hoop
bcp-simple-hoop.gif (27097 bytes)
Single Bevel Hoop
bcp-single-bevel-2.gif (28107 bytes)
Double Bevel Hoop
bcp-double-bevel-3.gif (28458 bytes)
Door Bar by Length
bcp-door-bar-length-4.gif (24568 bytes)
Door Bar by Angle
bcp-door-bar-angle-5.gif (24134 bytes)
Offsets 1
bcp-offsets1-6.gif (23832 bytes)
Offsets 2
bcp-offsets2-7.gif (24685 bytes)
180 Bend
bcp-180-8.gif (26052 bytes)
bcp-centered-9.gif (24102 bytes)
bcp-multiplane-10.gif (26444 bytes)
bcp-custom-11.gif (22903 bytes)


Key features of the Bend Calculator Pro™ include:

Built-in configurations for common bends

Custom configuration allows you to enter your own centerline dimensions and angles, to build anything you need

Enter overall dimensions for hoops.  The program calculates all of the angles and figures all bend start points automatically!

Estimates the total length of tubing that you'll need for the bend sequence that you enter.

Prints reports showing all job data, including the date, filename, all bend start points, bend radius, and any Job Notes that you choose to enter.

Saves and retrieves files so you have a permanent record of how a particular job was done.

Includes a CD-ROM along with a comprehensive User's Guide and a WIndows™ help file to walk you through the program.

If you're serious about saving time and money on your tubing fabrication, you've got to get this program!

The Racer's Net Price for ETC's Bend Calculator Pro™ is $129 plus S+H.
July 21, 2009 - Online and telephone ordering are temporarily unavailable. In the mean time, you can order a copy of the Mittler Brothers' version of the same program from Mittler Brothers Machine & Tool Co. Their website is

As with any software, we will be happy to replace defective media with another copy of the same title, but once purchased, there are no refunds.

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