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Here are some actual screen shots from the 4-Link Wizard™ program.  Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture of the screen:

hole setup6.gif (19755 bytes)

Hole Setup Screen

First, you specify how many holes there are in each bracket.  The program calculates the number of possible IC locations for this particular setup.


overall dimensions6.gif (18141 bytes)

Overall Dimensions Screen

Next, you specify the overall dimensions of your car, including the height of the rear axle centerline from the pavement, the height of the bottom front hole, and the horizontal distance from the rear axle centerline to that bottom front hole.


hole coordinates6.gif (34585 bytes)

Hole Coordinates Screen

Finally, you enter the horizontal and vertical dimensions for each hole.  Rear hole dimensions are measured from the rear axle centerline.  Front hole dimensions are measured from the bottom front hole centerline.  The program shows the currently selected IC length and height, and plots all possible IC locations to the screen.   The red rectangle represents the area that shows up in the zoom window.


zoom window6.gif (30245 bytes)

Zoom Window

You can zoom in on your current IC location to see other ICs that are in the neighborhood.  This allows you to determine combinations that are close to your current setup, so you can make small changes, and sneak up on the ideal setup.  The blue cross in the center represents your current IC location.  All of the crosses represent other possible ICs.

The table at the bottom of the screen shows each hole setup, along with its length and height.  The highlighted row in the IC table is represented by the red cross at the far left of the screen.  As you select each row in the table, the resulting IC is shown as a red cross.  

The program also displays the difference that will result if you change from your current IC to the selected IC.   Proposed values are shown in red. You can print the IC possibilities that are shown in the zoom window, or you can choose to print the screen for easy reference.


iclocations6.gif (32632 bytes)

IC Locations Screen

If you wish, you can generate a table of every possible IC location for your particular setup.  You can sort the table by length, and print the whole thing.  Or, you can select a range within the table, and print just that portion.