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The best Fourlink software for drag car or dragster chassis setup!

Check out the write-up in the Speed Reading section from a past issue of Popular Hot Rodding magazine! (shown below)

The 4-Link Wizard, complete with CD-ROM, a detailed User's Guide and free telephone support, is now available for just $99*.  That's a savings of over $30 from the original retail price.  Act now...quantities are limited!
*plus shipping & handling

It's the perfect gift idea, as drag racing meets the computer age!  Use this program to get an edge on the competition, and put that PC to work for you!

Unlike ladder bars, a fourlink rear suspension provides many chassis adjustment choices, resulting in numerous possible Instant Centers.  The 4-Link Wizard helps you determine the IC choices available with your fourlink bars so you can home in on the 'sweet spot' and reap the benefits of a fourlink suspension.

Finally - Get a handle on your Instant Center(IC) location, to help you hook up and go fast!  Introducing the 4-Link Wizard™ software for Microsoft Windows™ 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000 or NT.

Key Features of the 4-Link Wizard™ include:

Calculates ICs for your brackets, regardless of manufacturer.

Changing tires or ride height? Enter one dimension to update all ICs.

Zoom in on ICs close to your current settings, and 'sneak up' on changes.

Eliminates guesswork - no more string, or chalk on concrete, or cave paintings on the inside of your trailer!

Plots up to 625 IC locations to the screen.

Prints screen images, or text reports including all ICs, or those that you select.

Saves files for quick & easy retrieval - as many as you want.

Much faster and easier than CAD or manual methods - a big time saver!

Includes a detailed User's Guide to walk you through the program, step by step.

Includes free telephone support. 

Check out the screen shots and you'll see what we mean.   There's never been a program as user-friendly and as easy to use as the 4-Link Wizard™.

Here's what some 4-Link Wizard customers had to say about the program:

"It's the best tool I've ever seen for figuring out all of the possible fourlink locations.  I'm using the 4-Link Wizard to design fourlink brackets for my doorslammer and my dragster.  This program is a 'must have' for anybody who's running a fourlink."
  - Randall Sutton, Sutton Race Cars, St. Peters Missouri

"I really like the program.  It saves me a lot of time on  Autocad or the old drafting board!  I own a small chassis shop, and until a few years ago, all the measurements and instant centers were done by hand.  Thanks for a great product."
 - Steve Brown, Steve Brown Race Cars, Amston Connecticut

"I have been playing with the 4-Link Wizard a little bit, and am very impressed.  I have had no problems with it; it's very user friendly and easy to use.  Analyzing chassis geometry has been a very time consuming effort.  Your software has eliminated that tiresome, mistake-prone task."
 - Mike Mahon, Mahon Family Racing, London Ontario Canada

"So far, I have to say that I am very impressed with the program.  I had envisioned a program that you gave a few numbers to and it did a lot of guess work and theoretical ICs.  Garbage in, garbage out, and that's not what I was looking for.  The amount of research that the 4-Link Wizard requires is minimal compared to the amount of information that you receive from it.  In case you haven't noticed, I am pretty enthusiastic about it!!"
 - Mike Bell, St. Louis Missouri

Order your copy of the 4-Link Wizard today and take advantage of the lowest price ever - just $99 plus shipping & handling*.

Our online ordering system is temporarily down. In the mean time, you can purchase the program at the same price from Jerry Bickel Race Cars. Here is their contact information:

Jerry Bickel Race Cars, Inc.
141 Raceway Park Drive
Moscow Mills, MO  63362
Phone: (636) 356-4727
Fax: (636) 356-4667


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