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Harley-Davidson® Performance Modifications - Level 1*

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If you want to extract more power from your Evo or Twin Cam Harley, this is the class for you.  In this Level 1 class, we show you engine modifications that you can do yourself.  There's plenty of hands-on as we tear down the top ends of the engines and pull out the camshafts.  Our textbook includes lots of inside information on both the Twin Cam and Evo engines.  The class is taught by master mechanics, with many years of experience getting the most power out of a hog.

The Textbook:

This great textbook includes a ton of detailed step-by-step procedures, with lots of color pictures, tool lists, time estimates and more.  It's a great reference to use when you're working on your bike.

"With the introduction of the new Harley-Davidson Twin-Cam, enthusiasts need a hop-up and repair guide that addresses both the new powerplant and its predecessor, the Evolution engine. Divided into two sections, this new manual describes and illustrates options for improving the performance and reliability of both. Each section begins with a brief history of the engine followed by descriptions and instructions for the most popular aftermarket pistons, cylinders, camshafts, and drive chains, as well as advice for overcoming common obstacles. Specific topics addressed include aftermarket Evolution engines and installing a Twin-Cam in an Evo frame."

The Software:

ETC’s V-Twin Engine Calculator Software works with Windows© 95 or higher, including 98, XP, ME, NT and 2000.

This user-friendly software enables you to perform complex calculations with the click of your mouse.  Static compression ratio is very difficult to accurately calculate manually; the software makes it easy.

Use the program to determine your component stackup, displacement, static compression ratio and more.  Save as many engine configuration files as you like, and print reports of all your calculated specs.

Course Content:
Engine Inspection - How to determine what's important when you want to get top performance from your Harley engine.
Precision Measurement - What to measure, how to measure it, and what the results mean in the engine building process.  Includes the use of micrometers, calipers, bore gages, and dial indicators.  You'll also "cc" cylinder heads, determine the dome volumes on pistons, and calculate static compression ratio.
Engine Assembly - Hands-on practice assembling the top end of an Evo® engine.  Learn about all of the practical considerations for your engine assembly.
Computer Software - Use the V-Twin Engine Calculator software to determine displacement, static compression ratio, assembly height and more.
Question & Answer Session - Get your questions answered by master mechanics, and find out what goes into a high-performance Harley engine.
Tuition - The 20-hour class is priced at $1450.
Book & Software Pricing - The optional book and software are available to each person who attends the class for just $20!

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Cleveland, Ohio
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Kansas City, Missouri  January 17-18
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Kansas City, Missouri  January 24-25

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KC Class Pics 2-21-04

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*This class is an ETC production.  We are not affiliated with Harley-Davidson®.  Harley-Davidson® is a registered trademark of Harley-Davidson, Inc.  Product names are used for reference only.

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