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ETC Racing Engine Program

Learn to build more horsepower, save $$$, and find a good machine shop to prepare your components.  Find out what goes into high horsepower racing engines.

This unique one-weekend hands-on class gives you the chance to learn from professional racing engine builders. Whether you're building engines for drag racing, street rods, muscle car restoration, tractor pulls, marine applications or your daily driver, this class shows you how to choose the right components and get them machined properly to produce reliable horsepower.

This class was developed and is presented by ETC, Inc.

Here's what's included and covered in the class:

Engine Disassembly - How to properly disassemble your racing engine without causing damage to components.
Racing Engine Maintenance Tips - Learn what to monitor and how to check things to save your engine from costly damage.
Component Selection - How to choose rods, cranks, blocks and heads. There are many choices you have to make before you begin your high performance engine. Learn the pros and cons of each choice before making a big mistake.
Block Preparation - Learn the secrets behind all of the machining processes used to prepare a race block for assembly. There's a right way and a wrong way to do it. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for!
Precision Measurement - What to measure, how to measure it, and what the results mean in the engine building process.  Includes the use of micrometers, calipers, bore gages, and dial indicators.  You'll also "cc" cylinder heads, determine the dome volumes on pistons, and use the optional Engine Calculator software to calculate static compression ratio.
Engine Assembly - Hands-on assembly of racing engines. Learn to properly torque fasteners, measure rod stretch, set valve lash and more.
Cylinder Head Flow Testing - We'll bring a flow bench and show you how cylinder heads are flow tested and what the results mean to you.
Cylinder Head Setup - Learn how to measure valve spring pressure, check coil bind, make sure you have the valve train geometry set up correctly for your application.
Degree a Cam - We show you how professional racing engine builders degree camshafts with a unique step-by-step approach. There is a lot of bad information out there in magazines and videos. Learn how to do it like the pros.
Computer Software - Use our Engine Calculator software to determine displacement, static compression ratio, assembly height, piston compression height, and more.
Tuition - The tuition for this 18-hour two-day weekend program is $1250.

Here are some pictures from previous classes.  Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture:
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CC Cylinder Heads
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Parts Organizer
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GM Metal Fab, Marion Indiana
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GM Truck, Shreveport LA
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Check Crank Journals
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Check Rod Bearing Clearance
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Set Valve Lash
tech_1.jpg (350080 bytes)
Cylinder Head Tech
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Flow Bench Testing
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Install Camshaft

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